Everything You Need To Know About Timber And Termite Inspections

Termites typically known as white ants pose serious damage to your property. If you inspect any termite symptom, directly appoint a professional for a termite inspection. Moreover, pest management companies are well equipped with proper tools, techniques and solutions to eliminate termites.

We are providing you with a guide on all details on Timber And Termite Inspection that you must know. As per a survey, homeowners spend an average of 500 dollars every year on termite damage repairs. We suggest you look for various termite inspection providers before making the decision. Let’s begin: 

Timber & Termite Inspection Process 

  1. Schedule An Appointment: Begin with booking an inspection appointment with your desirable timber & termite control company in Sunshine Coast. You are free to make online bookings or via calls.
  2. Let The Inspector Check: When the termite inspector comes- let him access your home. The inspection areas include the basement, garages and attics, sink, crawl space, changing rooms, etc. 
  3. Prepare Yourself: Although most pest management companies do not require anything to be done by you. But, you still can clean the obstacles from the termite affected areas. This will surely help you in saving time. 
  4. Break Down The Evidences Of Inspection: Once the termite controller detects all the affected areas, he will let you know the details of the findings. It may be mud- tubes on walls and inside attics. A general timber inspection will cover in around 45 minutes (approx). 

What Termite Inspection Specialists Look For? 

There is some common termite evidence that inspectors search for while searching. Moreover, some evidence is too common to detect yourselves. Unfortunately, it’s tough to tell whether your place has termites or not. That is why professional termite inspection services are so essential. 

  • Mud Tubes 

Termites form muddy tubes on woods and walls. These tubes join their nestings to the woods on which they prey. These are narrow like mud pipes with a diameter of a pencil- made from soil and mud. These muddy tubes keep the termites protected from predators, maintain hydration and moistness. If you did not detect any mud tubes, you still can have termites. For instance- dry wood termites do not need mud tubes to survive.

  • Wood Damage 

On knocking the wood, if it is sounding hollow- there is a termite nesting for sure. These white ants do severe damage to the timber joints- leaving them hollow and weak from inside. So, we suggest you check for such hollow sounds at regular intervals. You may use a screwdriver for it. The subterranean termites have a habit of forming mud tubes adjacent to the timber/ woods.

  • Swarm Evidence & Frass

During humid weather, the termite’s swarm begins developing a fresh colony. Moreover, when they go for green lands, they share their wings. You can even see a pile of wings in the garden area during autumn and spring. 

Frass is a modern way of telling termite droppings. It is made up of granular and tiny pellets of oval shapes. In case of termite activity, you can observe frass near door frames, windows and baseboards. 

  • Paint Buckling 

If your place has subterranean white ants, the paint may peel off or form bubbles. Furthermore, they damage the drywall easily and create dampness in between the paint and the wall. However, bubbling up the paints is not the only reason for termite activity. 

Special Areas To Inspect Timber & Termites 

Not just attic, garage and timber, there are few more places to analyse closely. Have a look at them below: 

  • Wooden Items: Both outdoor and indoor wooden structures are to be analysed properly. Check your deck, arbour, shed and carport for termite activity. 
  • Deadwood: Dispose of the fallen branches and trees as early as you can. This is because any spare wood can act as a breeding ground for termites. 
  • Cracks And Voids: Bricks missing on walls and cracks in joints are easy pathways for termites. 
  • Firewood: If you keep firewood stacks for chilly nights, then do regular inspections. The pile of firewood can be a termite feasting point. 

Wooden Fences: In case your fences are nested by termites they will sooner find a path to enter your home.

Appoint The Elite Home Timber And Termite Inspectors! 

If it is about Timber And Termite Inspection services, calling the best pest inspection and control company is beneficial. With years of excellence and dedication in termite management, Termite Inspection Sunshine Coast is leading the industry. Our termite inspection specialists conduct a proper evaluation of your place and also recommend a suitable treatment plan.

Furthermore, we inspect the cracks, joints, timber and crevices thoroughly. Also, we have invested in top quality inspection tools and services. Based on termite type and extent of nesting- we deliver a pocket-friendly extermination service. Call your friendly termite inspectors today at 07 3050 0758.