Termite Prevention Tips For Key Areas Of Your Home For Spring And Summer

Spring is the start of summer and the weather is a little bit warm and awesome as flowers bloom and days become longer but the worst thing in between this is the spread of termite infestation. Termites are small pests that can not be seen easily having rectangular heads and small jaws that form small tunnels to reach their food and they eat wood mainly. You can not see them but there are some particular signs which show that termites are present. These signs are shown under:

  • The presence of mud tubes in-ground spread along the walls and everywhere.
  • The most important sign of termite infestation is damage to your wooden furniture as they attack firstly on wood.
  • Stuck doors and windows are the other signs that termites are present.
  • Termites are present in colonies and form mounds which are a vast network of various tunnels.

Termites Invasion: Damage to your Foundation and Property

Among the different types of pests, termites are the most famous and of the most destructive nature which causes the highest property damage and these damages are so worse that they can only be controlled with the involvement of a Pest Control Company. The following types of damages can be caused by termites:

  1. Wall Damage

Walls get easily damaged by termites in a very high amount. They eat all the material present inside the walls and make them weak and get destroyed. 

  1. Damage To Wooden Materials

They are very much fond of woods and wooden made materials and so they have the ability to eat the whole wooden furniture and leave only the powdered residue. 

  1. Infestation Of Carpets

Termites also love to live on cellulose-based materials and so they cause severe infestation on carpets, books, frames, etc. Carpets are a great place for termites to grow and divide and form colonies. 

  1. Damage To The Foundation By Termites

Termites are nuisance pests that cause long-lasting damage to your residential and commercial places as they form underground tunnel-like structures in the soil and so they affect your floors and ceilings also. 

Termite Prevention Tips For Key Areas Of Your Home For Spring And Summer

The main cause of termite infestation is that you can not detect them until they cause infestation or damage something. There are some signs of infestation but they can be detected only when observed closely. Therefore, preventive measures to keep them away from your home are as follows:

  • Cut down trees around your house

If there are some trees or bushes growing around your house then it increases the risk of termites entering your house through these shrubs and trees. Therefore, it is better to cut them out as soon as possible.

  • Clear out all mulch and dead woods

By clearing out all the mulch wood around your house and removing any dead woods, you can prevent the growth of termites as they are incredible sources of termites. 

  • Prepare crawl spaces

Crawl spaces are ventilated and have a vapour barrier and so they can prevent the entry of termites as they maintain the least moisture area inside your house.

  • Keep your property dry by fixing  all the leaks

Inspect your home properly and fix all the leakages inside your property if any and make your home free from moisture, that is if you have pipe leakages and you finally fix them then you get some assurance that you are prevented by termites.

  • Remove firewoods by decluttering

Termites can be fastly grown on firewood and eat them completely and so to keep termites away remove all the firewoods from and around your home by the process of decluttering. 

  • Hire experts

Ignoring serious problems may get you in trouble and so the best preventive measure to keep termites away from your house is to hire some professionals who eliminate them from your house and prevent their entry further.

Go For Termite Treatment With Experts ‘No Termites No Worries’

When you suddenly sit on your sofa and a piece falls as it converts into powdered form due to termite infestation. There are many such awkward events you may face because of termites. Termite Inspection Sunshine Coast gives the responsible hands for the removal of termites. Our services are there for you 24 hours to 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our experienced and well-trained staff will serve you best and provide you with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. So, keep these nasty pests miles away from your place of living without any worries and just go for our termite inspection and eradication services today.